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Relax this summer 
With Palm Trees

Buy Or Rent Palm Trees & Tropical Plants For Summer In New York

Come Visit Our Garden Center in Pomona and Browse The Largest Selection Of Palms and Tropicals In New York

Hotel Resort at Sunrise

Buy The Best Palm Trees and Tropicals In New York

Discover a slice of paradise in New York, NYC, and beyond! Transform your private residence, business, or restaurant into a tropical haven with our incredible selection of real palm trees and exotic plants to purchase for the summer. ( With the option to have them picked up OR stored in our greenhouse after summer ) From May through October, indulge in the beauty of our seasonal palm and tropical sales, while our year-round event rentals offer endless possibilities to elevate any occasion. After selling palms and tropicals in CT for 7 years, we listened to our customers and opened a garden center here in New York! We look forward to bringing the best flowers, palms, tropicals, and much more to New York, and are truly excited to give you the opportunity to buy palm trees in NY. Contact us to place an order. Check us out here on the local news! 

At our one-of-a-kind garden center located in Pomona, NY, ( Inside of Rampano Storage in the rear ) we handpick the finest palm trees, sourced directly from our farm in South Florida. These magnificent palms are the epitome of elegance, ideal for enhancing pool areas, patios, decks, restaurants, weddings, hotel lobbies, themed parties, and even rehab centers. Take a virtual stroll through our gallery and witness the unrivaled allure of these botanical treasures. Our palms and tropicals range from 2 feet, all the way to 15 feet tall, ensuring that you will leave smiling after buying your new palm tree or tropical plant.

For those who choose to embrace the allure of tropical plants year-round, we can provide cozy indoor storage in our toasty 70-degree greenhouse throughout the winter months. Rest assured, we handle the delivery and pick-up of your cherished palm trees, tropicals, citrus, flowers, and more, ensuring a seamless experience as your personal oasis comes to life season after season.

Let's not forget that our specialty garden center in New York is a treasure trove of palm tree marvels, catering to Long Island, NYC, most of New York, NJ, and PA From vibrant pool parties and enchanting weddings to dazzling holiday events and captivating theme parties, our palm trees and tropical plants set the stage for unforgettable memories. Immerse yourself in genuine luxury, whether it's an outdoor dining extravaganza, a corporate gathering, or any other remarkable affair.

Step into a world of tropical splendor with NY Palms & Tropicals. We can't wait to assist you with buying your palm trees and tropicals. Your dream oasis awaits! Delivery is available. We love coming to your homes and restaurants and setting up your palms and tropicals wherever you need. 

Best Tropical Garden Center In Pomona NY/ Rockland County

Tropical Garden Center In NY / Rockland County

About Us

NY Palms & Tropicals is co-owned by CT Palms & Tropicals, which has been delivering palms and tropicals since 2016. With over 100, 5 star reviews, we are excited to expand into having a physical location in NY. We aim to bring the finest palms and tropical plants to your homes, restaurants, or events during the summer months. Trees range from 2 to 15 feet tall!

Most Popular Seasonal Palms & Tropicals

Christmas Palm Tree:






Pygmy Date Palm:      

Majesty Palm Tree

Windmill Palm Tree:

Spindle Palm Tree:

Coconut Palm Tree:


Elephant Ears:

Bottle Palm Tree:

Tropical Flowers:

Buy Palm Trees and Tropicals In New York
Buy Palm Trees and Tropicals In New York
Buy Palm Trees and Tropicals In New York
Buy Palm Trees and Tropicals In New York
Buy Palm Trees and Tropicals In New York
Buy Palm Trees and Tropicals In New York
Buy Palm Trees and Tropicals In New York
Buy Palm Trees and Tropicals In New York
Buy Palm Trees and Tropicals In New York
Sabal Palmetto Palm - NY Palms & Tropicals

Why Buy From NY Palms & Tropicals To Transform Your Home In NY, NJ, PA, CT, NYC

In conclusion, NY Palms and Tropicals provides an impossible-to-beat selection of palm trees and tropical plants from South Florida, ready to be picked up or delivered to your homes, restaurants, events, and more in New York.

Ranging from 2 to 15 feet tall, we have every size and type of tropical you can ever imagine! Who would have thought you could buy a palm tree in New York? Contact us to place an order.


You’ll find palmetto, coconuts, foxtails, arecas, sago palms, windmills, Christmas palms, banana trees, exotic flowers, and more. What's more, their experienced team offers personalized advice to help you make the choices that best suit your space, style, and needs. Not to mention that it is greener to buy at NY Palms and Tropicals as all trees come from a nursery with great environmental conditions so you can ensure their health all summer long.


There are no worries when purchasing from us as we are committed to delivering quality trees, flowers, and tropicals, for a fraction of the price. With plenty of options available for delivery or pick up and friendly teams willing to answer any questions you may have, why go anywhere else? Act now and buy palm trees and tropical plants at NY Palms & Tropicals today!

If interested in wholesale palms delivered in bulk to anywhere in the USA, visit our wholesale palm tree section.

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